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Global smartphone screen manufacturing (LCD) personalization and smart devices. Through four key products (glass + OCA, spare parts, touch screen), Langlang finds the quality and price of the screen for each customer.

Lucent’s product and service portfolio is competitive. Through open cooperation with partners around the world, such as freight forwarding, sea freight, air freight, DHL express, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc., to create cost-effective freight, safe, fast,

Innovation focuses on customer needs. We research and invest in fundamental research focused on technological breakthroughs that move the world forward. We have more than 500 employees and our business development covers more than 170 countries and regions. In 2009, Lucent was established as a private company wholly owned by its employees.

Lucent provides high-quality, highly-rated screen system solutions, including TFT, incell, OLED, and high-quality versions of original designs, as well as an ongoing focus and commitment to supporting customers.

Lucent is a leading brand in the mobile phone accessories industry. Xun Xun provides reliable business, win-win and sustainable future services

Help large, medium and small enterprises solve the problems needed by the industry and accurately grasp future business opportunities. It helps them grow and secures their future.

About our factory

LUCENT is a leading company in China's mobile phone screen

Department introduction

Strong productivity, strict quality control, fast and convenient delivery

Dust-free production workshop

Dust-free production workshop

5 fully automated LCD production lines, 5 semi-automatic LCD+Glass touch production lines with a daily output of 50,000 pieces

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QC screen inspection

QC screen inspection

The first group of detection: detection of black spots, bright spots, image blur, display effects, flicker, etc.

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Version/system detection

Version/system detection

System data transmission, guarantee LCD screen operation, and backlight detection

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iPhone LCD Production Workshop

Appearance - Touch Check

Test 2 groups, 100% original machine detection: touch, sensitivity, color

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Packaging process

Packaging process

The first group of detection: detection of black spots, bright spots, image blur, display effects, flicker, etc.Packaging, all packaging has strict procedures, we will provide: LOGO stamp, identification label, anti-static bag, bubble bag, boxing, second boxing

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Shipping process

Shipping process

Air, Sea, Express, DHL UPS FedEx, Worldwide Delivery. Reach your destination quickly and safely

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GuangZhou Lucent Technology Co.,Ltd.

We are a professional exporter for 13 years, focusing on mobile phone LCD screen

our team LUCENT

Our corporate culture

Continue The Colorful Life of Mobile Phone Industry

Leader of Cellphone Spare Parts

Progress Extreme Sharing

Progress: is a State of being energetic

Extreme: is the Ingenuity of pursuing excellence

Sharing: is the Devotion shared by altruism

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Lucent insists on the service boundary and three “persistences” (responsibility, service, quality). Lucent and customers innovate together and continue to create value for customers and partners. As of September 2021, Lucent has more than 100 services in 14 categories and more than 60 solutions, specifically for distributors, wholesalers, e-commerce, retail, repairers and other fields, serving many customers. 

The Lucent brand is owned by Lucent Electronic Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Lucent’s rich professional knowledge combines the most advanced LCD technology and 13 years of high-quality production and export experience, and is committed to developing innovative and cost-effective product solutions on a global scale.

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