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LUCENT is a leading global supplier of mobile screen display (LCD) & spare parts.

because We committed to production and development of solutions in 4 key areas (LCD screen, glass + OCA, touch screen and spare parts),

Lucent’ Service Concept
we create lasting value for customers,and are committed to a variety of innovative services

specifically distributors, wholesalers, retail, repairers and other fields,serving many well-known enterprises. Wholesale Phone Screens and spare parts becaus


2023 HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics

So Two “do not do” but so
  • LUCENT mobile phone lcd screen wholesale factory adheres to two “do not do” service principles (we do not do inferior quality, do not touch customer competition data).because 
  • Lucent and customers innovate together, and continue to create value for cooperative customers and partners.but so
  • As of February 2022, Lucent has more than 100 services and more than 60 solutions in 14 categories,but 
  • specifically distributors, wholesalers, retail, repairers and other fields, serving many well-known enterprises. so
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professional products and industry knowledge, understand the hot-selling products in various countries

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This is May from Lucent,mainly in charge of South America’s market,with over 10 years in this industry.
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Lucent mobile phone lcd screen wholesale adheres to the business philosophy of”serious and responsible, honest and trustworthy, excellent service, and common growth”

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LUCENT is the world’s leading mobile phone spare parts and mobile phone LCD screen wholesale production research and development and parts supplier.

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Committed to each customer field, each enterprise to create fully competitive quality and price mobile phone lcd screen wholesale.so

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