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We are a 15-year professional exporter, focusing on mobile phone LCD screen suppliers

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LUCENT's Success MakeOur Customer's Success

Reliably develop important ideas, screen quality, price competitiveness,stable supply, technical support and after-sales service.


Provide technical support and personalized customized services to win a better reputation in the fierce competition.


Deliver products on time to ensure customer satisfaction, expand my market and win more customers.


High-quality LCD screens for a betteruser experience offering competitiveprices and quality to gain a largershare of the market.

— Why Choose Us? —

Own factory Complete supply chain system Cooperate with more than 10 factories+

Source factory supply Covering 2,000 Square meters area 3 Auto-production lines 600,000 pcs lcd screens monthly.

Mobile phone screen
Super factory

After-sales rate controlM

Within 0.99%

Brand OEM
Service Support

Market Analysis

About Lucent

Lucent was founded in 2008. We not only focus on providing excellent products, but also provide customers with reasonable marketing solutions. As an excellent enterprise, we have our own mature and professional consulting department, efficient and meticulous quality control department, and meticulous packaging department.
Our factory covers an area of ​​3,200 square meters and has a monthly output of 1.2 million pieces. Skilled and experienced supervisors are responsible for 3 quality inspections. Every product must pass inspection standards before leaving the factory. The factory currently has 120 employees, 4 fully automatic LCD production lines, and 3 Glass+OCA fully automatic production lines. Today, we are committed to becoming the global leader in the field of mobile phone screens, helping customers grow from small to large, and from big to powerful. Continue the excitement of mobile phones;

Our Main Products New

We have a variety of products such as LCD screen, touch screen, outer glass, chargerflex, Power flex, Main flex, front and rear cameras, etc.

— LUCENT is Your Best Choice —

By choosing a best-in-class supplier, you can ensure the superior performance of the parts in your mobile spare parts,

ultimately providing your customers with a quality product

Basic: Stall/Market

  • Booth wholesale price
  • Very few models
  • no test
  • lack of protection
  • No factory
  • Quality confusion
  • No warranty guarantee
  • Lack of systematic management
  • no teamwork
  • Only sell products, no customer growth plan


  • Factory wholesale price
  • 3 processes 100% tested
  • QC team>30 people
  • Private brand OEM service
  • Complete product testing machine
  • extremely fast delivery
  • One-stop purchasing
  • safety stock
  • Marketing support
  • Technical team
  • Perfect after-sales system
  • Market situation sharing
  • Customer Growth Support Plan
  • Fully automatic packaging line
  • Overseas customer visits


  • Ordinary:Other
  • wholesale price
  • Product sampling testing
  • Quality price confusion
  • Less secure
  • No warehouse
  • lack of protection
  • Poor packaging
  • No personalization
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