Quality display of the hot-selling model

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Quality display of the hot-selling modelAt present, mobile phone screens are mainly divided into OLED and LCD. Among them, OLED screen is currently recognized as the screen with the best display quality. For consumers, it has high contrast, high brightness, rich color display, high brush, no smear, and display. Color uniformity and other advantages, OLED screens of the same level are indeed stronger than most LCD screens in display effect, which is also a consensus.
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How to distinguish the quality of mobile phone screen? Teach you two simple methods, novice can easily distinguish

Today’s mobile phone screens are divided into hard and flexible screens, LCD and OLED materials, 1080P and 2K resolutions, E4 and E5 luminous materials, etc., so how to distinguish the quality of mobile phone screens?

About the difference between the quality of mobile phone LCD screen

In fact, as long as a few experts who really understand know how to distinguish, I believe most of my friends don’t know how to distinguish at all. Today, I will teach you two simple methods, so that even novice users can easily distinguish whether the mobile phone screen is good or bad.


In fact, whether the screen is good or not, a very core point is the brightness. In the case of strong sunlight outdoors, take out your mobile phone and take a look, and you can clearly see the screen indicating that the brightness is good. Old LCD screens and poor OLED screens, the screen brightness is basically not too high, this point can explain the problem.

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