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Lucent is a modern company specializing in high-quality mobile Phone lcd wholesale displays, touch screens and Glass. 

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Phone LCD Wholesale
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Welcome to LUCENT And Phone lcd wholesale

  • LUCENT is a leading global supplier of mobile screen display (LCD) & spare parts. but

because We committed to production and development of solutions in 4 key areas (LCD screen, glass + OCA, touch screen and spare parts),t

So Lucent’ Service Concept
  • we create lasting value for customers,and are committed to a variety of innovative services but 
  • grow together with our customers for enrich life! mobile phone lcd screen wholesale but
LUCENT Melissa mobile phone lcd screen wholesale

Phone lcd wholesale
Melissa Deng

we can do win-win cooperation, and grow stronger

LUCENT ECHO mobile phone lcd screen Display wholesale

Phone lcd wholesale
Echo Mai

so responsible for different markets,like Latin America, North America, and Africa,etc. English


Phone lcd wholesale
Liky Li

Efficient and Professional ! we are committed to creating a completely competitive quality and price for each customer.

Amber-LUCENT mobile phone lcd screen wholesale Middle East Market Specialist

Phone lcd wholesale
Amber Li

mobile phone lcd screen wholesale 13 years Special in Mobile phone

LUCENT SARA General manager mobile phone lcd screen wholesale manufacturer

Sara Zhong

13 years of export experience, professional products and industry knowledge, but mobile phone lcd screen wholesale

LUCENT May mobile phone lcd screen wholesale

May Wu

so Wechat:17724031967

Queenie Huang

I’m Queenie,To be own Queen

Whatsapp: +8613380017449 so 

13 years experience salesman

Elena Yuan

Specialized in South America North America Africa ,mobile phone lcd screen

so Whatsapp: +86 13316065815

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Because of our Mobile Display Manufacturers quality and service. The price is recognized by customers.

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