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What Shipping Methods Are Available?

1/With shipping agent in China: When our team have confirmed with you about all the order details, and finished the payment. We will arrange the order to our factory to prepare, have full testing and packing; Our team will confirm with you about the agent's address when goods ready, The goods can be sent via SF or our own driver, to arrange you fast shipping;                                 2/Without shipping agent in China: Firstly Lucent team will recommend you the economical way according to your demand, we have rich experience of cooperated with the customers from worldwide;

If cleared at customs?

If you are familiar with the custom clearance process, then the DHL, or FEDEX can be chose, and recommend you a more economical channel; If you are the first time to import from China, we will guide you to make the commercial invoice to help you with the custom clearance process.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Most of us choose express delivery: DHL/UPS/FedEx, special line air, etc. The normal expiration can receive the package in 3-7 days.


After-sales service?

LUCENT has 13 years experience in mobile parts,We have professional inspection department and technician team,All the goods will be tested one by one strictly ensure it pass quality inspection then ship to our client.


We not only provide good quality products but also have a professional technical team to offer technical support. Our after-sales service is 100% hassle-free. If it is confirmed that the quality problem caused by our negligence in testing, We will definitely give you a satisfactory solution until your problem is solved.We are responsible for each client.Our focus on supplying high quality products to help our customers build their brands and gain more market share. Choose us you are guaranteed and you will get a professional technician team to help you grow together.


About product quality?​

Lucent as a self-owned factory, we have a compelet supply system in this field with more than 10 cooperated factories, can offer the factory price without middleman, and the models up to 1200.The qualities involve in several kinds for each model,

Our quality?

such as oncell, TFT, Oled 2, Oled, incell, original change glass, original, so that can match different city market.

different countries?

No matter you are from South America countries, European countries, Africa countries, Asian countries, or Mid-eastern countries,we can offer the suitable qualities with the suitable prices. We have rich experience for servicing different markets all around the world. Welcome for your consulting.


​About the factory?​

LUCENT is the world’s leading mobile phone spare parts and screen display (LCD) production research and development and spare parts supplier. With solutions spanning four key areas (LCD screen, glass + OCA, touch screen and parts), we are committed to creating a completely competitive quality and price for everyone, each customer field and each enterprise .

About us LUCENT?​

LUCENT product, quality system and service portfolio are both competitive and efficient. , We create lasting value for customers, are committed to empowering customers to grow together, and inspire innovation in various forms and scales of services.
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