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As a mobile phone screen manufacturer, we have become a leader in the industry with competitive prices and high quality. We sincerely invite knowledgeable people to become our dealers, distributors or agents

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LUCENT Comprehensive coverage of screens of various mobile phone brands and models

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Product album design

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— LUCENT is Your Best Choice —

By choosing a best-in-class supplier, you can ensure the superior performance of the parts in your mobile spare parts,

ultimately providing your customers with a quality product

  • Basic: Stall/Market
  • Booth wholesale price
  • Very few models
  • no test
  • lack of protection
  • No factory
  • Quality confusion
  • No warranty guarantee
  • Lack of systematic management
  • no teamwork
  • Only sell products, no customer growth plan
  • Professional:LUCENT
  • Factory wholesale price
  • 3 processes 100% tested
  • QC team>30 people
  • Private brand OEM service
  • Complete product testing machine
  • extremely fast delivery
  • One-stop purchasing
  • safety stock
  • Marketing support
  • Technical team
  • Perfect after-sales system
  • Market situation sharing
  • Customer Growth Support Plan
  • Fully automatic packaging line
  • Overseas customer visits
  • Ordinary:Other
  • wholesale price
  • Product sampling testing
  • Quality price confusion
  • Less secure
  • No warehouse
  • lack of protection
  • Poor packaging
  • No personalization

About Lucent

About Lucent Lucent was established in 2008. We not only focus on providing excellent products, but also provide customers with reasonable marketing solutions.
  • Covering an area of 3,200 square meters
  • The monthly output is 1.2 million pieces
  • 3 quality inspections before leaving the factory
  • Factory employees 120 people
  • 4 fully automatic LCD production lines
  • 3 Glass+OCA fully automatic production lines
  • Department introduction

    Strong productivity, strict quality control, fast and convenient delivery

    Dust-free production workshop

    5 fully automated LCD production lines, 5 semi-automatic LCD+Glass touch production lines with a daily output of 50,000 pieces

    QC screen inspection

    The first group of detection: detection of black spots, bright spots, image blur, display effects, flicker, etc.

    Version/system detection

    System data transmission, guarantee LCD screen operation, and backlight detection.cell phone lcd screens wholesale

    cell phone lcd screens wholesale

    Appearance - Touch Check

    Mobile phone lcd screens wholesale Test 2 groups, 100% original machine detection: touch, sensitivity, color

    Packaging process

    we will provide: LOGO stamp, identification label, anti-static bag, bubble bag, boxing, second boxing, customized packaging

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    Shipping process

    Air, Sea, Express, DHL UPS FedEx, Worldwide Delivery. Reach your destination quickly and safely
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    One request, quick quote

    — Testimonial —

    What They Say About Us

    Handling screen related issues professionally and efficiently allows us to promptly repair and replace damaged screens to meet the needs of our customers.

    In line with market demand, the screens are durable and the price is very reasonable, allowing us to remain competitive in the market, and every screen received is in perfect condition!

    Delivery was very fast and after sales support was excellent. Whether it’s technical support or after-sales service, they are able to respond and solve problems in a timely manner.

    Their team is very professional and efficient, providing us with excellent wholesale solutions that fit our needs and are subject to strict quality control. We are very happy working with them and they are our preferred supplier.

    Whether it is a small order or a large bulk purchase, they are always able to deliver on time and ensure product integrity. Their prices are also very competitive, allowing us to maintain a good profit margin in the market.

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