Samsung A11/A115

Samsung A11 Screen LCD Complete

6.4″ A02 A115 M11 In-cell Original LCD


Grade HD AAA quality


With Camera Lens

 Li-ion Battery

4000 Mha 15.3Wh 90%-105% of real capacity 

Charger Flex Cable

A11/A115 USB0.2
Support fast charge with IC

USB Charging Port


A11/A115 SIM Card Tray

Original Phone Nano SIM Micro
SD Card Tray Adapter

Rear Front Camera Original

13 MP ,F/1.9, 28mm(wide), AF
5 MP, F/2.0

Power flex

Switch Power Volume Button Flex Cable

Samsung A11 Earpiece Earphone 

Earpiece Earphone Ear Speaker Sound Flex

A11/A115 Loud Speaker

Buzzer Ringer Board Loudspeaker Flex Cable Replacement Parts

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